Install a License Server for ERDAS IMAGINE

If you wish to license multiple machines from a single license server you will need to install the Intergraph License Manager on the license server.

You can download the current version for ERDAS IMAGINE v2016 from here:

Install this (v11.13.2) on the license server.

Once installed, run the program. You will need to find the Composite ID of the server. Click on Server > License Host ID:

Now generate the license file either by using your own LAC or by requesting a license from us here at Sterling Geo support (email

When you have the license file, load it into the License Administration Tool by clicking on File > Import License File...

Once loaded you will see the items licensed listed in the left hand side bar.

You now need to point the client machines to the license server. The Intergraph License Manager is installed along with ERDAS IMAGINE. Open this on the client machine and click on Client > Add Concurrent License Source...

Specify the license server, either by its name on the network or IP address. Once connected, the list of available items should be listed in the left hand side bar.

Some of these FAQs may be of interest / help:

If you are having issues with other Flexnet license servers or firewall problems this may be of use:

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