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See here for detailed documentation:  Geospatial 2014 Quick Start for Licensing CHEST.pdf for self-licensing your CHEST ERDAS products. This document also applies to v2016.


Q. Should I assign all 500 seats to my server?

A. Almost certainly not. It's probably best to assign a large (200?) number that will satisfy network users and keep some back to assign to stand alone PCs and laptops, and for when you wish to license home users or field trips.

Q. Is there a 32bit version of the software?

A. No. Version 2016 is only 64bit.

Q: We use a license server. How do I obtain the license tools?

A: Download the v2016 Intergraph License Administration tools from here:

Then use the composite ID generated to create the license. You must upgrade to v11.13.2 for the v2016 licenses to work.

Q: Can we carry on using previous versions?

A: Probably, but it's not supported. v2016 licenses should continue to license versions back to v2013 but it's not guaranteed.

Q: How do I update to v2016?

A: Install the v11.13.2 license tools on your server if you are using one, then install v2016 Foundation and v2016 IMAGINE on the client machines. 

Q: I have many machines I need to upgrade - is there a way to use a command line install?

A: Yes. Please see this PDF for background and instructions.

Q: Can you supply a DVD of the software?

A: I'm afraid not - software is now only available as a download online. 

Q: How do I remotely deploy license server information?

A: The Intergraph license server reads the information to point to the license server from the INGRTS_LICENSE_PATH file at c:\ProgramData\Intergraph\Licensing

Syntax for contents of file is as follows:


port@servername (whereas port=TCP port number)

Separate multiple entries with a ";".

@server1;@server2; etc...

After adding the entry just save the file. This file can be deployed to the "c:\ProgramData\Intergraph\Licensing" folder on each machine.

Q: Can I use a Linux machine as a license server?

A: Yes. See here -

Anything not clear here? Please let us know so we can do better!

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