FAQ: CHEST and ERDAS v2013 Installation and Licensing

***Your LACs are now available. Please contact Sarah Jones in Loughborough if you haven't yet received your LAC and instructions for licensing ***


Q: When should we update to v2013

A: Although v2013 is available now, users should generally continue using v2011 until the next CHEST renewal date on 1st August 2013.

Q: Can we have a license for v2013 for evaluation purposes?

A: Yes, certainly. We are happy to issue licenses for technical evaluation, to test license server systems and to enable tutors to update course notes. However, we will not be updating all current v2011 users to v2013 before then.

Q: How do I download and request a stand-alone license for ERDAS IMAGINE?

A: Please follow the instructions here: Please note that the v2013 COMPOSITE ID is not the same as your old ERDAS-NET System ID.

Q: We use a license server. How do I obtain the license tools?

A: Download the v2013 Intergraph License Administration tools from here:

Then send us your composite ID and how many seats you require (for testing).

Q: How do I download ER Mapper?

A: Download from here: You will need to install ERDAS Foundation beforehand if you have not already done so.

Q: Can you supply a DVD of the software?

A: I'm afraid not - software is now only available as a download online. 

Q: You say that v2013 is self licensing; can you provide me with my License Authorisation Code (LAC)?

A: LACs for v2013 will be issued during July 2013 so you can license the software from August 2013. Full details of how to self-license will be provided at that time. Until then, if you need a v2013 license for testing/evaluation, please request with your COMPOSITE ID as per normal to

Q: I have many machines I need to upgrade - is there a way to use a command line install?

A: Yes. Please see the attached PDF for background and instructions.

Q: Will we be able to use v2011 after 31st July 2013?

A: No. Users will have to install and license v2013 in order to continue using ERDAS software.

Q: A student is using v2011 to complete her thesis - she needs to carry on with the same version. Can she have a license for v2011?

A: No. There are no backward compatibility issues so far as I know between v2013 and v2011 and thus the student should be able to continue with all their tasks/processing seamlessly in v2013.

Q: Can I still obtain licenses for v2011?

A: Yup, we'll still be issuing v2011 licenses as normal up to 31st July 2013.

Q: Can I use a Linux machine as a license server?

A: Yes. See here -

Q: In best Columbo style, there's just one more thing I don't understand...

A: Just get in touch!

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