ERDAS License Feature Codes

aaiaasap=IMAGINE Subpixel Classifier

aaidq=IMAGINE DeltaCue


agfa=FeatureAssist for ArcGIS

agiae=Image Analysis for ArcGIS

agmv=ERDAS MulitView for ArcGIS

agsae=Stereo Analyst for ArcGIS

agted=ERDAS Terrain Editor for ArcGIS

apollolev1=ERDAS APOLLO Server Express -- 1 to 2 cores

apollolev2=ERDAS APOLLO Server Standard -- up to 4 cores

apollolev3=ERDAS APOLLO Server Professional -- up to 8 cores

apollolev4=ERDAS APOLLO Server Enterprise -- up to 16 cores


eaimlev1=ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager Express -- 1 to 2 cores

eaimlev2=ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager Standard -- up to 4 cores

eaimlev3=ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager Professional -- up to 8


eaimlev4=ERDAS APOLLO Image Manager Enterprise -- up to 16


ermapper=ERDAS ER Mapper


espengine=ERDAS Spatial Processing Engine

fcms=FCMS Sensor Control

fcmsguid=FCMS Flight Guidance

fcmsr=FCMS Sensor Remote Control

fpes=FPES (Flight Planning & Eval. Software)

gapm=G APM

gblackout=G BlackOut

gd00=TWMS Module by Geo-Dynamics

gdsm=G DSM

geo00=EBIS Module by GEOSYSTEMS

geo01=ATCOR2 Module by GEOSYSTEMS

geo02=EDBS Module by GEOSYSTEMS


ggeoref=G Georef

gipaspro=G IPAS Pro

giviewer=G Image Viewer

glapm=G Light APM

gmeasure=G Measurement

gortho=G Ortho

gpro=GPro Core

gproapm=GPro APM

gproapmnode=GPro APM Node

gprogeoref=GPro Georef

gprorect=GPro Rectify

gprorectnode=GPro Rectify Node

gquickview=G QuickView

gsatcor2=GEOSYSTEMS ATCOR2 Module

gsatcor3=GEOSYSTEMS ATCOR3 Module

gstereo=G Stereo

ieelev1=Image Extraction Engine Express -- 1 to 2 cores

ieelev2=Image Extraction Engine Standard -- up to 4 cores

ieelev3=Image Extraction Engine Professional -- up to 8 cores

ieelev4=Image Extraction Engine Enterprise -- up to 16 cores

imadvan=IMAGINE Advantage

imagizer=IMAGIZER Data Prep

imathauth=ERDAS Virtual Explorer Architect

imathdvd=ERDAS Virtual Explorer DVD

imathlds=ERDAS Virtual Explorer Server

imathldsc=ERDAS Virtual Explorer Collaboration

imathldsce=ERDAS Virtual Explorer Collaboration (Enterprise)

imathldssu=ERDAS Virtual Explorer Connections

imathldsu=ERDAS Virtual Explorer Enterprise

imathproa=ERDAS Virtual Explorer Pro Client

imatm=LPS ATE

imautosync=IMAGINE AutoSync

imblock=LPS Core

imccd=IMAGINE Coherent Change Detection

imcom=Image Compressor 1GB

imcom10=Image Compressor 10GB

imcom100=Image Compressor 100GB

imcomun=Image Compressor Unlimited

imdinsar=IMAGINE D-InSAR

imdpm=IMAGINE Defense Productivity Module

imeasytrace=IMAGINE Easytrace

imess=IMAGINE Essentials

imfx=IMAGINE Objective


imgrv=IMAGINE Global Retriever

imgutil=Image Utilities

imhifi=Stereo Analyst for ERDAS IMAGINE

imifsdem=IMAGINE InSAR

immap2pdf=MAP2PDF for IMAGINE

immospro=ERDAS MosaicPro

immpeg=MPEG Patent Support

immrsid500=IMAGINE MrSID Desktop (500M Max)

immrsidunl=IMAGINE MrSID Workstation (Unlimited)

imnitf=IMAGINE NITF 2.0

imnitf21=IMAGINE NITF 2.1

imordr=IMAGINE OrthoRadar

imoredit=IMAGINE Enterprise Editor

imorload=IMAGINE Enterprise Loader

improf=IMAGINE Professional / ERDAS ER Mapper

imradar=IMAGINE Radar Interpreter

imrdrdem=IMAGINE StereoSAR DEM

imspmode=Spatial Model Engine

imvect=IMAGINE Vector

imvirtual=IMAGINE VirtualGIS


ipascal=IPAS Cal

ipasco=IPAS CO

ipaspro=IPAS Pro

iwslev1=IWS Express -- 1 to 2 cores

iwslev2=IWS Standard -- up to 4 cores

iwslev3=IWS Professional -- up to 8 cores

iwslev4=IWS Enterprise -- up to 16 cores

lidarimp=LIDAR Import

lpsmulti=MulletView for LPS

lpsste=LPS Stereo

lpsted=LPS Terrain Editor

oaexchange=Ortho Accelerator Data Exchange

oarect=Ortho Accelerator Rectify

orism=ORIMA DP-M

oristb=ORIMA DP-TB

oristegp=ORIMA DP-TE/GPS

procart=PROCART for MicroStation

procart_pm=PROCART for PowerMap

prodpw=PRO600 Drivers for MicroStation

prodtm=PRODTM for MicroStation

prolps_pm=PROLPS Driver for PowerMap


titangeohub=ERDAS TITAN GeoHub

titanmaster=ERDAS TITAN Master Server

titanwebcache=ERDAS TITAN Web Cache Server

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