Requesting and Using an Intergraph Support Site Login

If you wish to download the latest enhancements for ERDAS desktop and enterprise product, you can now request a login that will allow you to do just that.

1. You will need to go here and request a login:

Under the Access Requested field, tick Customer Support Web Site, but leave eService login unticked (you will continue to come to us here at Sterling for support).

2. You will then receive an email with your username and it will request you to go here: and click on the forgot password link. Enter your username and email and a password will be mailed to you. 

Note: At this stage you may be directed to an Error Message page saying ...user (your name) does not allow accessing view Home Page View. This is normal; you don't have access to eService but your username and password will work on the support site.

3. Once you receive your password, you can head to the support site to confirm it works. Go to the 13.02 download page here:

and login with your username and password. You will now be able to download the service pack. TIP: use the direct http download option.

4. You will also be able to access the knowledge base here:

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