How to Install and License ERDAS IMAGINE v2016

Follow the link below and download

  • ERDAS Foundation
  • ERDAS Imagine

Select ERDAS IMAGINE from Product Family and select all from Show these downloads:


To install: 

  1. Open the downloaded zip files and extract to a temporary directory - keep it short: C:\temp is a good place.
  2. Install ERDAS Foundation 2016
  3. Install  ERDAS Imagine 2015
  4. Once both are installed, on your Start menu go to All Programs > Intergraph Licensing 11.13.2
  5. Open the Intergraph License Host ID. This will launch the following window:


  1. Copy and paste the composite number into an email to support
  2. Email with the ID. They will then generate the license
  3. Once you get the license file, go back to Start menu > All Programs > Intergraph Licensing 11.13.2 > Intergraph Licensing Administration
  4. Click on File > Import License you are ready to go

Support number: 0800 912 0988


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